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Patent Notice

One or more of the following patents or pending patent applications may apply to the following sites and to the features and services accessible via them:

Site editing and operation which is related to Website builders (Editor X, Editor 2.0 & ADI) Templates and AI Text Creator

IL221674, IL224835, IL225016, IL225079, IL227831, IL264984, IL241424, IL267674, IL241423, IL261830, IL247189, IL262068, IL256155, IL257254, IL248467, IL274565, US10795526, US10185703, US10169307, US9513771, US10482630, US11010936, US9753911, US10984185, US11361157, US10691873, US1154442, US9817804, US10459699, US11307750, US10146419, US9996566, US11188509, US11449573, US184793, US11275815, US11468143, US9747258, US10796075, US2020/0175224, US2022/0309239, 2018/0011824, US2020/0117431, US2022/0236866, US2022/0083523, US2018/0032626, US2020/0401760, US2021 0049318, US2020/0151226, US2022/0197969, US10984177, US2021/0240916, US2021/0019006, US2021/0279915, AU2014229331, AU2020200349, AU2014229260, AU2018202241, AU2015216600, AU2019226189, AU2016276284, AU2020203136, AU2016299873, AU2018279309, AU2015254922, AU02020842, BR112015022792-9, ZL201480027894.1, ZL201480027948.4, ZL 201811414671.7, HK1220264, HK1221298, IDP000056405, IDP000058831, JP6433925, JP6744380, JP6978558, JP6419736, JP6730399, JP7059323, CA2904830, KR10-1953710, KR10-2007005, KR10-2207810, KR10-2347431,KR10-2402415, MX361586MY-170707-AMY-192602-A

Automatic site generation Related to Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) and AI Text Creator

IL228896, IL249806, IL254054, IL264494, IL240365, IL266949, IL245992, IL273052, US9436765, US10534818, US11113456, US10509850, US10977427, US2021/0397777, US2021/0232647, US2015/008954, AU2014213614, AU2019283841, AU2014358700, BR11  2015 019003 0, CA2899872ZL 201480019592.X, ZL 201480074482.3, HK1215742, JP6335928, JP6515232, JP6900421, JP6506762, JP6746746, JP7032492, MX367103, MX359477, MY-179529-A, EA36433, IDP000063652, KR102251844, KR10-2361002, KR10-2433089

Mobile sites and applications
related to Events Mobile apps and App Market

AU2014319964, AU2019202677, AU2016299874, CA2923580, ZL201480061637.XEA 33675, HK1221800, IL244515, IL257245, JP6482562, JP 6725714, JP 6953588, JP 7076451, KR10-2134309, KR10 2306149, KR10-2469977, MX362623, US10176154, US11087389, US10769231, US2020/0401648, US2019/0087392, US2021/0366035

Search engine optimization (SEO)

US11314837, US2021-0200943, US2022/0229970, US2022/0245207

Website design and system backend operation related to Wix eCommerce, Bookings, Payments, Events

AU2015216608, AU2019219824, BR11 2016 018374 6, CA2938813, EP3105688, DE60 2015 059 173.9, IL247188, IL264170, MX359824, US9805134, US10540419, US11544347, US10733078, US11119897, US2021/0397541

Payments platform and integration related to Payments and Wix eCommerce

IL256001, US10558998, US11494800

Velo editing and operation

US10331420, US10379820, US10719300, US10209966, US10326821, US10397305, US11106860, US10915300, US10521198, US2021/0397776

Additional patents by Wix

US2022/0261816, US2022/0357931, US05084, US9519685, US10275499, US11151145, US9535996, US10417294, US11301528, US2022/0035827, US2022/0237247, US10028076, US10117049, US10863303, US11039272, US11540103, US8321525, US8959175, US9137679, US9521516, US11449661, US10789412

Design patents

GBD6116621, GBD6116622, GBD6116623, GBD6116624, USD879120, USD972,632, EU008421408-0001/0004

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