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Landing page builder to boost conversions

Create effective landing pages that generate traffic, leads and sales for your product launches, promotions and other business needs.

A landing page displaying an orange vase on a green table cloth, with an pop up showing 54K conversions from the website


Landing Page Builder

Build your pages

Customize and launch high-performing landing pages in minutes, without coding or designers. Choose from templates or start from scratch with our intuitive editor and AI Text Creator.

Connect marketing tools

Integrate your favorite apps for email marketing, social ads, CRM and more right into your landing page so you can grow your business effortlessly in one place.

Increase your traffic

Leverage our advanced analytics and SEO tools to gain valuable insights, make data-driven decisions and maximize your conversions, site visits, sales & signups.

Built-in features that support your goals 

Mobile landing page showcasing an orange chair, with the title ‘coming soon’, and an orange button reading ‘notify me’.
Landing page with skincare products, next to an infographic showing new leads to the site, above a graph of site traffic.
Thumbnail of a landing page with flowers against an orange background - showcasing WIx’s AI text creator.

Drag and drop editor

Make a bold online impression with unparalleled design flexibility. Our intuitive editor lets you add and edit any element on your site, without coding, so you can launch faster and deliver a seamless experience on both desktop & mobile.

Mobile landing page showcasing an orange chair, with the title ‘coming soon’, and an orange button reading ‘notify me’.

AI and automation

Easily build and manage multiple dynamic pages for various campaigns and audiences with the AI landing page generator. Boost your productivity with our AI Text Creator, generating personalized content that effectively engages your visitors.

Thumbnail of a landing page with flowers against an orange background - showcasing WIx’s AI text creator.

Optimization tools

Leverage Wix Analytics by connecting it to top marketing & analytics tools like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, Crazy Egg, Hotjar and more. Run A/B tests, gain insights and enhance visibility using SEO for landing pages.

Start with customizable landing page templates

Whether you're launching a new product, promoting an event or growing your email list, our coming-soon templates and landing page templates are designed to help you achieve your marketing goals.

Landing page of an online textile store showing a woman folding a sheet, and two women trying on sweaters.
Mobile landing page reading ‘Fast & Mobile website reading ‘Fast & Reliable Real-Time Data’, with a graph demonstrating site metrics.

Reach and grow your target audience

Drive more traffic to your landing page, build lasting relationships and increase sales using Wix's powerful marketing tools.

Email marketing

Create effective email marketing campaigns with dedicated landing pages to optimize conversions and engage your audience with tailored content that guides them from the inbox to take action on your landing page.

Social media

Drive traffic and increase your reach with targeted ad campaigns on Facebook & Instagram. Define your social media audiences and guide them seamlessly to your mobile-optimized landing pages.


Manage everything about customer relationships with our built-in CRM solution. Streamline your workflows, collect payments and centralize all communications for a smoother client experience.

More business tools
More opportunities

Use Wix features and free business tools to create a  complete brand experience for your customers.

Thumbnail of a landing page for a homewares site, displaying a modern lamp and vase. The domain name laipuredesign lays over the image in a light box.

Domains and web hosting 

Enhance your online presence and brand awareness by unifying your site & landing page under the same domain. Establish credibility with a custom domain name and free landing page hosting while delivering an exceptional online experience.

Thumbnail of a website displaying Wix’s online form builder over an image of an orange purse.

Online form builder

Create customizable lead generation forms, grow your contact list, use the collected info to engage your visitors and save time with automated processes for contacting and nurturing your leads.

A cut out of payment method options sit next to an image of an online store as seen from a mobile screen showcasing a woman putting on skincare.

eCommerce and payment solutions

Take payments seamlessly and drive new revenue streams with Wix’s online store solution. Connect Wix Payments or choose from 70+ payment gateways worldwide for a smooth checkout experience.

A hand pours milk onto a coffee drink, on the screen of Wix’s video maker, next to an image of coffee on a social media post.

Video maker and business website

Create engaging videos and visual content to promote your brand, products and services across different platforms, including your business website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more.

More business tools. More opportunities.

Learn how to use our landing page builder for high conversion

Thumbnail of an online store showcasing various face and body products against a blue tiled background.
A thumbnail of a landing page with an image of a man placing a gold under eye mask to his face.
Thumbnail of a landing page with a green glass vase, as well as abstract pink sculptures.


What is a landing page builder?

A landing page builder is a tool that allows you to create highly focused web pages designed to drive specific actions or conversions. With Wix's landing page creator, you can easily design and customize landing pages that align with your marketing goals. These pages are optimized for conversion and can be used to promote products, capture leads, run advertising campaigns and more. With a variety of templates and intuitive editing features, you can easily create stunning landing pages that effectively engage and convert your audience.

How to build a landing page:

First login to Wix or create an account and start building your one-page site from scratch.  Or you can start by selecting a landing page template that you love. Customize the template however you like—you can feel free to change the layout, text and images or use the ones suggested. When you're happy with the way it looks you can go ahead and publish.

Can I create a landing page without a website?

Yes, you can create a landing page without a website using a landing page maker. This page creator enables you to quickly design and publish a standalone landing page that serves as a dedicated destination for your marketing campaigns. Whether you're running ads, launching a new product, or promoting an event, a standalone landing page allows you to capture leads and drive conversions without the need for a full website. It's a convenient and efficient solution for focused marketing efforts.

What is the difference between a website and a landing page?

While a website typically consists of multiple pages that provide comprehensive information about a business, a landing page is a single page focused on a specific marketing objective. The primary goal of a landing page is to convert visitors into leads or customers. Unlike a website, which serves as a broader online presence, a landing page is designed to drive a high conversion rate for a specific campaign or offer. To learn more about conversion rates and how to optimize them, check out our blog post What Is a Good Conversion Rate? How to Calculate and Increase Your Own.

What is the purpose of a landing page?

The purpose of a landing page is to capture the attention of visitors and guide them toward a desired action, such as making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter or downloading a resource. By providing a clear and focused message, compelling visuals and a strong call-to-action, a landing page aims to maximize conversion rates and generate leads. To optimize your landing page's performance, you can utilize A/B test techniques to experiment with the effectiveness of different elements and layouts. For more insights on A/B testing and business lead generation strategies, check out our blog posts How to Increase Sales with A/B Testing (Includes Examples) and Creative Lead Generation Strategies for Your Business.

What elements does every landing page need?

Every landing page requires essential components to effectively engage visitors and drive conversions. These include a captivating headline that captures attention, concise and persuasive copy that clearly communicates the value proposition, visually appealing imagery or videos that resonate with the audience, a prominent call-to-action button that stands out, social proof such as testimonials or reviews that build trust, and a user-friendly layout. To discover more about best practices for creating high-converting landing pages, check out our blog post Landing Page Best Practices.

What are the types of landing pages?

There are various types of landing pages, each serving specific business goals. Some common types include lead generation pages, sales pages, webinar registration pages, product launch pages, coming soon pages and event pages. The type of landing page you choose depends on the specific objective you want to achieve. To explore the different types of free landing pages and understand which one suits your business goals, check out our blog post Types of Landing Pages and Which One to Use for Your Business Goals.

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